Tooltiptext with GoObject


I want that tooltiptext associated with any GoObject should be visible for 5 minute if mouse pointer is stationary on that object.
So i set:
GoView.ToolTip.AutoPopDelay = 300000;
But it doesn't work.
Or is there any way to show tooltiptext associated with a GoObject until mouse is not moved to some other GoObject?
Please provide me an appropriate solution.

That’s a standard .NET Tooltip we use. From the Microsoft docs on AutoPopDelay:

The maximum time you can delay a popup is 5000 milliseconds. For longer durations, use the Show method to control the exact moment when the ToolTip is displayed.

5 seconds seems like a lot. I can't imagine a scenario where a 5 minute pop up delay makes sense. (Unless it says "hey user! wake up").

If you really want that, you'd have to use GoObject OnEnterLeave to set your own timers.


Thanks for your suggestion.
But how can i implement GoObjectOnEnterLeave to set specified timers.
Please provide me some piece of code.

That’s not particularly Go related… you should be able to find a thousand different .NET samples of timers with Google.