TOSCA Model Elements?

Has anyone created some of the standard Oasis TOSCA model elements? One example of a “Resource” would look like a hamburger with several other symbols on it.

We haven’t done that, but it looks pretty straight forward.

Some of the diagrams remind me of: But I have no idea of what behavior, if any, is expected of those hexagonal arrow ports.

Looks pretty good…now how do I put one of these neat objects into the pallette used in the BPMN.html editor…I’ve added an accordion panel and would like to put this and some other OAsis TOSCA elements in there.

You can look at the code for initializing the Palette in the BPMN sample, or you can look at other samples that do that, or you can read

Basically, a Palette is just a Diagram, so you initialize it with templates and the same kind of model that your target diagram uses, holding a node data object for each item that you want in the palette.