Is there a way or mechanism to tell one Diagram Element (in this case a GoComment) to be transparent when if it overlaps another?

Like this?

c.Shadowed = false;
c.Shape.BrushColor = Color.FromArgb(128, c.Shape.BrushColor); // assumes V3.0

Is there a non 3.0 version of this?

Aren’t you evaluating? You should be using 3.0 if you are.

GoShape bg = (GoShape)comment.Background;
bg.Brush = new Brush(Color.FromAgrb(128, Color.LemonChiffon));

What is the regular color that is assigned? So that I can return it to that state?

never mind that was a stupid question.

I should note that the valid range for A (and RGB) are 0-255. So, 128 is 50% transparency. Actually, 128 is probably too low for what you’re trying to do. Something like 75% (191) gives you the transparency feeling of A on top of B while still letting you read the text on the surface of A.

What type of “Brush” should I use. System.Drawing.Brush is an abstract class, so you have to use a SolidBrush, TexturedBrush… ??

Jake had 2 typos in his code. He meant to say:

[code] GoShape bg = (GoShape)comment.Background;

bg.Brush = new SolidBrush(Color.FromArgb(128, Color.LemonChiffon));[/code]