Traversing group members from iterator

consider the following code
and a diagram

now on link creation i get the key from the “from” entity and the “to” entity then i want to traverse through the nodes of the “from” entity the iterater “.memberParts” is used is there any other way and if i do it with “.memberParts” the value i need is placed at zd but that was just by looking at the json that it returns is there a better way?

First, you should check that the Link.fromNode or Link.toNode are in fact instances of Group before you can get their Group.memberParts.

Second, given the Parts that are members of a Group, you probably will want to see if the Part is a Node or a Link.

Third, once you have the kind of Part that you want, you can check its Part.category, if you care about that. But I’m guessing you really want to check whether the Part is a Node, not its category.

Yes u understood correct i need to separate node from links through member-parts and then get the category of that node.
Thanx anyways i got what i needed
var part = e.subject.fromNode;
var it = part.memberParts;
while ( {
var nod;
it was just this
Again thanx for a hasty reply