Tree diagram getting scrolled while dragging node from other tree

We have two tree diagram which allow to drag and drop, in below image you can see tree structure that we have.

So on drag and drop it is working as expected, but if we drag one node from Tree1 to Tree2 at the right most side Tree2 started scrolling to left.

As you can see in above image when I drag Facilities from Tree1 to right side of Tree2, then Tree2 started to scroll left. I don’t want this type of behaviour in diagram, How can I stop this?
Thanks in advance.

That is probably autoscrolling. You can control it by setting the Diagram.autoScrollRegion margin to zero on each side where you don’t want autoscrolling to happen. Or just set all four margins to zero to turn it off completely.

{ autoScrollRegion: 0 }

Yes it is working, Thank you @walter for your quick response.