Tree Layout - Multiple parent nodes


I am using the tree layout as follows…

<golayout:TreeLayout Angle=“90” LayerSpacing=“50” NodeSpacing=“20” SetsChildPortSpot=“False” />

but finding that when a node has multiple parents, one of the parent nodes is pushed to the botton. Does anyone have any advice on how to to solve this?

Many Thanks

Well, I suppose if the structure isn’t going to be a tree but if it should still be layered, you should use LayeredDigraphLayout instead of TreeLayout.

But in special cases you could do something like what you see in the DoubleTree sample, if you still want to use TreeLayout.

The LayeredDigraphLayout did exactly what I wanted. I’ve not been using the controls for long and overall have found them very easy to use. The samples are very thorough, so credit to whoever put it together.