Tree Like Diagram

Is it possible with GoDiagram to create a user interface to accomodate the following. I need to display a context menu on right click of every word. Also the user should be allowed to dynamically add more objects on the fly. Each sentence should be in its own line. A sentence can have child sentences which means the child sentence should get displayed in such a way it appears so. Also the user might add as many as sentences and as many as word with in senetences on the fly.
I have the complete data in an xml form.
It is too hot
No It is not too hot
It is too cold
It Might rain
it is too sunnny
Every sentence is a separate group.
In every sentence every word is separate object on which the user might add/delete by the context menu.
Also is it possible to connect every sentences within the same level.
Inn simple I am trying to create a tree control with more columns which are editable individually. I hope I have explained my best.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, I think that would be straight-forward to implement.
It sounds like each sentence would just be a GoListGroup (.Orientation == Horizontal) holding GoText objects.
I suppose it would be most natural to inherit from GoText so you can override GoObject.OnContextClick to construct and display the appropriate context menu.
I suppose you could implement the indentation using a GoRectangle whose Pen and Brush are null.
Of course you can customize the GoText.TextColor, .BackgroundColor, and other GoText properties on each word.
And finally you could put all the sentences inside a surrounding (vertical) GoListGroup, so that when sentences are inserted or removed, everything afterwards moves down or up appropriately.
You might use empty GoText placeholders that are editable for users to insert new text. When the editing finished you would need to break that up into separate words with separate GoText objects.