Tree mapping like one to one

Iam using tree maping in GoJS

How can I disable the the Mapped item like right side. If its mapped no need to map again like one to one mapping.


In that sample, each Node in the tree has a single port, which is the whole Node. You can set various port-related properties on port elements. (Note how there is already a Binding on the “toLinkable” property.) The ones that you want to set on the node template are GraphObject | GoJS API and GraphObject | GoJS API

fromMaxLinks: 1, toMaxLinks: 1,

We are unable to call the another function in the addDiagramListener callback function

this.myDiagram.addDiagramListener("LinkDrawn", function(e){ 

showDialog() {

Result: Console error, Cannot read property ‘showDialog’ of undefined

any reason ?

Ah, that is how JavaScript trips up all programmers. Please read this - JavaScript | MDN or other web resources about “this” problem within function definitions.

It’s easiest to either use another variable:

var self = this;
  ... function(e) { ...self... }

or if you are writing ES6 code, use an arrow function:

  ... (e) => { ...this... }