Tree node takes all available width

Is it possible to set node width in the way which is presented on the screenshot?

I need to implement TreeView, like in the following example GoJS Tree View. But nodes should take all available width.

@walter Yes, it is exactly what I need, but in my case I have several trees on the diagram, like in GoJS Tree Mapper. Do you have an example for several trees?

So the desired width is not to fill the whole viewport? You’ll need to adapt the code to use the width you want instead of the Diagram.viewportBounds width minus padding.

Hmmm, that sample also uses a single property on the shared Model.modelData object as the data source for the relevant binding. You probably should not use a shared property like that. Actually, if it isn’t going to be a variable width area, because you’re designing it to have a fixed width, that will make the code much simpler for you.

Thank you, I will try your solution and come back to you to give you know the result!