Tree table width issue

Hi there,

I have created tree table using treeLayout and table panel. Here is the code pen link Code Pen

In the tree table if you select any row, the width of the last column reduces on selection and this reduced and width will be constant if i select any other row (it happens only when I load the page and try to select any row)

I know this issue is coming from the function updateNodeWidths()

I intentionally used width value with as 400 to reproduce this issue and in my actual implementation it will be dynamic value (var diagramWidth → sum of all column widths)

Im not able to understand why this tree table width is reducing after selection. Please help me resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance :)

I don’t know how your app is different from the original sample. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have anything change size just because it is selected. Can you try it without that selection behavior?

If I were you I would examine that updateNodeWidths function and adapt the code to fit your app’s needs.