TreeStructure to Ports of Gates mapping

I have below requirement. Can you please let me know whether this can be implementable in GoJs?

I will display some list of items in tree structure in the palette. When i design logic gates then there will be input and output ports right. My requirement is to drag and drop the items from tree structure on to the ports of the nodes(gates) so that they will be mapped to the respective nodes. It will be helpful for me to execute the diagram in runtime where i can get the dynamic values from the respective values mapped.

Any example would be helpful.

Do you have several small sketches showing the process?

This is how i want. I want to map the tags in the first section Tags/Inputs to ports of input nodes or any other components.

It depends on how you have implemented the tree on the left.

If it is implemented as a GoJS diagram, you can just implement GraphObject.mouseDrop and mouseDragEnter and mouseDragLeave event handlers on those nodes. (And if desired, maybe Diagram.mouseDrop and mouseDragOver event handlers for when the mouse/finger is not over a node.)

If the tree is implemented as HTML, there are two samples demonstrating how to implement drag-and-drop from an HTML element into a GoJS diagram:

An unrelated comment: you might want to put the Palette on the right side of the main Diagram, so that people don’t have to drag so far.