Trialing GoDiagram and failing

As a newbee I feel for 899$ this product should at least have a
goView1->SaveAsXml(file) and goView1->LoadFromXml(file)
at least for your internal classes :¬( GoSimpleNode GoImageNode etc etc :¬(
It also suffers from C++ coder hatred like all most other off the shelf components :¬(
Sorry for the downer, but I am just waisting all my weekend converting C# syntax to C++ over and over and over again, Just to load and save to XML like in the simple ProtaoApp example.
Please feel free to cheer me with some C++ examples and or some XML load/save classes :¬)
Appart from all that I think its excellent
cya must get back to converting C# foreach() to

System::Collections::IEnumerator* theChildren=root->ChildNodes->GetEnumerator();
XmlNode item=__try_cast<XmlNode>(theChildren->Current);

Sorry for the lack of examples in managed C++.
Regarding XML persistence:

  • you could serialize using the SOAP formatter
  • you could use custom code, like in ProtoApp (your current choice)
  • you could use GoXml, as a few samples do in version 2.3
  • you could use GraphML, as the OrgCharter sample does in version 2.3
    All of these implementation techniques will probably require some customization, depending on what information you need to persist and the XML schema you are reading/writing.
    I think you’re doing the right thing. You’ll soon be done with the tedious translation work!

Hi Walter
Thank you for the reply :¬)
I didnt expect one on saturday
Im a bit happier now things are starting to work :¬)