Trialing - Simple node Ctrl C/V problem

Hi :¬)

I create a node using

GoSimpleNode *n=new GoSimpleNode();
n->Orientation=System::Windows::Forms::Orientation::Verti cal;
n->UserObject=S"None"; I do a copy/paste in the goView1 with Ctrl C/V and the node copies but no image?

Any ideas?

using 2.3.1 and ImageLists for the images all the best Mac

ImageLists (and Images and ResourceManagers) are Windows Forms resourced objects that are not serialized, so they need to be reconstructed in the AppDomain where the GoImage is pasted. Of course in your case the AppDomain is the same, so the ImageList is already there. You need to restore the reference when the GoImage is deserialized.
One way to do that is to define a GoView.ClipboardPasted event handler that iterates through the nodes that are part of the selection, and find the GoImage(s) in them to fix them up.
Another way to do that is to override GoImage.LoadImage.
Finally, if you are just using a single ImageList, the easiest thing to do is to set the static/shared variable: GoImage.DefaultImageList.

Thanks :¬)
Serialisations a real pain - glad I am never going to use it
I opted for the easy way and implemented it as
Works fine for copy/paste and also for Xml load/save