Trouble contacting NWoods

Has anyone out there been able to contact NorthWoods recently? I bought a licence that included support, but despite two phone calls and several emails, I haven’t received a response from either sales or tech support. The PC I was developing on crashed, and while it is in for repair I need new unlock codes so we can build and get a release out (we have several thousand customers). One reason we bought from NorthWoods was because of its reputation for great support, but three days without any response at all is not only poor support, its worrying.

Anyone else having trouble contacting NWoods?

We’re here, and we’re still doing well as a company.

I just checked all of our mail messages, and did not find anything from your company.
My guess is that your e-mail got swallowed up by overzealous spam filters.

Are your build machines on the internet? If so, you should be able to use the License Manager to request unlock codes, at any time.

Out build machine is not on the web, it is my personal laptop which crashed and I was given a loaner while it is being repaired. I need unlock codes for my loaner immediately, since we only have one licence. Please give me an email address I can use to correspond with you that won’t block me.

I can’t explain it, but we got your e-mail just now and have already responded.

I also checked our spam folders and could not find any mail from your company.
Maybe there was some filtering done even before it got to our mail servers.