Trouble Getting Started - FF 7 drag'n'drop

I’ve got an existing app using drag-and-drop. The original developer is long gone. Current FF (7.0) does not work.

So: version of DrawDemo works fine with FF 7
downloaded “latest” evaluation kit is 4.1.0 - does not work - pallette items are not selectable. I’m using Windows 7 64 bit, Visual Studio 2008.

The evaluation kit reproduces exactly the problem I’m trying to solve.

All that works is cut/paste/delete/undo buttons

FF 3.6 running in my Visual Studio does work.

I see mention of a 4.2 beta - is that my next stop?

I figure if the sample apps don’t work, no point in trying to fix mine.

Yes, you need 4.2. I’ll send you email.