TRouble with SVG path and Fill

i’m in trouble with understanding svg path parsed by geometry String…
I have this path:

F M 0 0 H 50 M 0 50 H 50 M 0 0 V 50 M 50 0 H 100 M 100 0 V 50 M 50 50 V 100 M 100 50 V 100 M 0 100 H 50 M 0 150 H 50 M 0 100 V 150 M 50 150 H 100 M 100 100 V 150

But, though the final shape is not filled… What’s the problem?

Thanks :)

That seems to have a lot of path figures that are short straight lines, so there’s nothing to fill.

I guess GoJS Geometry Path Strings -- Northwoods Software doesn’t explain well enough. I suggest that you read about SVG paths on the web somewhere.

Uhm… so, if the group of straight lines form a closed figure, the fill property doesn’t work?

If you want a filled path figure you have to define it as a single figure, not separate straight lines. Don’t keep starting a new figure by picking up and Moving the “pen” to a new point.

Ok! I understand :)
So i’ll try to re-define my path!

Thank you!