Trying to make a GoTextNode with an icon

I am trying to make a GoTextNode with an icon that is 16x16 at the left of the text
I have tried everything to stop the GoImage stretching to the size of the textNode and it just wont stay 16x16 in size
Can you suggest a way to do this please

GoTextNode itn = new GoTextNode();
itn.Text = “text node with image”;
itn.TopLeftMargin = new SizeF(20, 4);
GoImage itnimg = new GoImage();
itnimg.Name = @“C:\GoDiagram\Samples\App\star.gif”;
itnimg.Selectable = false;
itnimg.Size = new SizeF(16, 16);
itnimg.Position = new PointF(itn.Left+2, itn.Top+2);
itn.Position = new PointF(100, 100);
(Sorry it’s C#, not C++…)

Hi and thanks walter :¬)
Its realy funny ive been trying all night to do that

The image doesnt stay at the top left when the user enters multiline text (seems to stay in the middle verticaly) but that doent realy matter :¬) I tried
but it made no difference
The code i wrote got to all levels of complexity with GoGroups and GoListGroups etc and i still didn manage it :¬)
At least ive learned about them though so it want a waste.
The key was when I saw the .Position bit in your code snipit then i felt realy stupid hehehe
Sorry for the continuing questions but i am about 80% complete in what i need to prove before we buy it :)
All the best

I sorted the image placement thing
i needed to set the text alignment to
not the image alignment