Two or more links between same nodes

Is it possible to to have two or more links between same nodes but with different category ??

In my situation, two nodes have relation and shows link between them. And there is a toggle button which shows these links by changing there one of the data property which is used for binding. These links have category = “relationlink”.

Now, user tries to create a new link between these nodes and it is not possible. The category expected for these newly created link is “” so template with empty category gets applied for same.

Update : From model it allows me more than one link between two nodes, but from diagram canvas, while creating i am not able to do that. How one can achieve same ?

Yes, you’ll need to set GraphObject.fromLinkableDuplicates and GraphObject.toLinkableDuplicates to true.

ok. Thanks. Will update the template accordingly.

But will it take care of not creating multiple links between same nodes with same category ? OR do i need to adapt logic for same ? And if yes, where that needs to be placed ?

No, it won’t take the category into consideration. You can provide a linkValidation function, as described here: GoJS Validation -- Northwoods Software