Two separate links between nodes

I know you can have bi-directional links, as well as multiple links with the curviness modified, however, can you have two separate links between two nodes?

Something like this:



Sure. Look at the StateCharter sample.

I would like Draw Line but not BEzier, Curviness.

what i need is:
A<--- |---------------->B
How to do it, May i have some code? Thanks

You should use the GoBoxPort class in your nodes, with its LinkPointsSpread property set to true.

For example, the GoBoxNode class uses a single GoBoxPort. Here’s a screenshot I created many years ago:

And here’s the same diagram, but with each GoLink.Orthogonal true:

Actually, I think we have improved the default link routing since then, so with recent versions of GoDiagram the link routes will be somewhat different.

In any case, here’s your example using GoBoxNodes:

thanks. i found it caused by my port not inthe same Multitextnode

Could you please tell any solution for above?

The Orthogonal offset routing by will only work for links from a common node. It doesn’t also look at other nodes to see if links are intersecting.

If you set the GoLink.Style to “RoundedLine” or “RoundedLineWithJumpOvers”, you may be happier with the results.

Thanks. you are right