I’ve created a windows control library that contains a control with a
GoView. When another program attemts to load the control, there
is a System.TypeLoadException thrown when the dll is loaded.

I’m pretty sure this is a GoView licensing issue. Do you
agree? How can I find out for sure? And most importantly:
how can I fix it, as I am deploying a dll, not an executable?


Well, it’s true that if you want to deploy a DLL that uses a GoView, you’ll need to send us e-mail so we can send you additional instructions.
However, I don’t recall seeing that particular exception involving any licensing issues. If there were a licensing problem, you would get a LicenseException (or a SecurityException).
A TypeLoadException happens when it can’t find the DLL at all, or when the DLL doesn’t have the desired Type in it. So you probably have a deployment configuration issue.