Typings Missing isVirtualized

In the virtualization example here:

You refer to a field isVirtualized on go.Diagram, but this doesn’t exist in the typescript files.

// for now, we have to implement virtualization ourselves myDiagram.isVirtualized = true;

I guess these internal or undocumented things don’t all get declared in the go.d.ts file.

hmm. to get to compile I’d have to add to types (which gets overwritten on node_modules refresh) or create a janky theDiagram[‘isVirtualized’] key value approach.

Thanks for reporting, we will update the go.d.ts to include it in the next release.

You’ll have to do the key value approach (or (theDiagram as any).isVirtualized approach) for now, or update the go.d.ts yourself in the meantime.

Great, thanks Simon!