UI Automation for GoXam



It would be great if you could suggest any UI automation tool that would be best suited for GoXam ? Do you guys have any tool from your side for the same?



We have not implemented support for UIAutomation.

We started development of GoXam before there were any test frameworks for WPF (and also before the term “M-V-VM” was invented). So we had to create our own test framework. A simple test is defined via:

new Test("SimpleMove", this, SimpleMoveSetup, SimpleMoveRun, SimpleMoveCheck)

public void SimpleMoveSetup() {
  myDiagram.Model.NodesSource = new List<String>() { "A", "B", "C" };

public void SimpleMoveRun() {
  Node n = myDiagram.PartManager.FindNodeForData("A", myDiagram.Model);
  myDiagram.Panel.PerformGesture(GestureModifiers.None, Gesture.MouseLeftButton, Spot.Center.PointInRect(n.Bounds), new Point(200, 50), null);

public void SimpleMoveCheck() {
  Node n = myDiagram.PartManager.FindNodeForData("A", myDiagram.Model);
  Tester.Assert(Tester.Contains(n.Bounds, new Point(200, 50)), "node not moved to 200,50");
  Tester.Assert(myDiagram.SelectedNode == n, "didn't select moved node");

Note the use of the call to DiagramPanel.PerformGesture . However, many of our tests do not need to simulate any mouse input – they just look at the contents and consistency of objects in memory before and after some events.

I hope this helps you.