Unable to call getDocumentBounds

While am integrating with my project am facing this issue do you have any idea ?
I think it may be the version problem. We are using 1.8.27 version of GoJS.

How to fix the issue without change the version

core.js:1673 ERROR TypeError: port.getDocumentBounds is not a function
at push../src/app/business-process-canvas/diagram-editor/operator-info/channel-integration/mapping/mapping.component.ts.MappingComponent.MappingLink.getLinkPoint (mapping.component.ts:332)
at push../src/app/business-process-canvas/diagram-editor/operator-info/channel-integration/mapping/mapping.component.ts.MappingComponent.MappingLink.push../node_modules/gojs/release/go.js.X.computePoints (go.js:1648)
at push../src/app/business-process-canvas/diagram-editor/operator-info/channel-integration/mapping/mapping.component.ts.MappingComponent.MappingLink.push../node_modules/gojs/release/go.js.X.updateRoute.X.fo (go.js:1643)
at push../src/app/business-process-canvas/diagram-editor/operator-info/channel-integration/mapping/mapping.component.ts.MappingComponent.MappingLink.<anonymous> (go.js:1628)
at push../src/app/business-process-canvas/diagram-editor/operator-info/channel-integration/mapping/mapping.component.ts.MappingComponent.MappingLink.push../node_modules/gojs/release/go.js.g.Pn (go.js:1177)
at yk (go.js:1028)
at E.push../node_modules/gojs/release/go.js.E.VB (go.js:796)
at Ii (go.js:795)
at Si (go.js:792)
at E.push../node_modules/gojs/release/go.js.E.maybeUpdate.E.cg (go.js:791)

GraphObject.getDocumentBounds is a new method in v2.0.

Use the sample code from v1.8.

What is sample code for this getDocumentBounds in the version v1.8

Any sample in v1.8 could not have called this new method of v2.0.

What is the alternate solution to fix this issue .

I was saying that whatever sample you got that code from, you could use the 1.8 version of that sample, since it couldn’t have called that new method.

Also, if you had searched for “getDocumentBounds”, you should have found: GuidedDragging and SelectionObject

We unable to fix this issue

If you’d like to contract with us to debug and fix your code for you, we can offer such services.