Unable to delete nodes or move them down

Hello everyone.

I have a strange problem - I’m unable to delete nodes (single node or many) by using the Delete key, nor can I move them down or right. I do, however, can move them up and left.
I don’t recall making any changes to any properties (e.g. AllowDelete is true). I tried breaking on DoKeyDown(), but I never get there when using the delete key. Also, in DoMove() in the node itself, PointF newLoc doesn’t change when using down/right keys.

p.s. We’re using GoDiagram v2.5.2.2

What other information ought to be helpful here?

Thank you.

First, check the value of GoView.DisableKeys. You probably want a value of GoViewDisableKeys.None, to permit the user to move selected objects around using the arrow keys.

GoToolManager.DoKeyDown handles all four arrow keys in a similar manner, so I don't understand why it could move the selection up and left but not down or right. You haven't overridden GoObject.ComputeMove, have you?
Or you have implemented your own key handling to move objects, rather than use what GoView provides, if GoView.DisableKeys permits it?