Unable to select object

I have a very odd sitation with object selection.

The problem seems intermittant, but sometimes I cannot select one of our objects. If I draw a box around the object I CAN select it. If I then move the object using the keyboard I can select the object if I click 'outside' of the previous bounds.
It is as if there is a ghost object on-top of by node.
When I look at the contents of the selection property after drawing a box around the area there is only a single item, so I dont believe there is a ghost problem.
Any tips as to how to track this down/proceed to debug this?

After further testing. I can add that it is like a “blackspot” on the diagram.

Once moved out of it, the original node works perfectly. Any node dragged into this "backspot" cannot be selected again by clicking it, only by drawing a box around it.
If I select everything on the diagram with ctrl-a the count is just of the nodes I can see. Again suggesting that this isnt a "ghost" object.

What classes (node, view, tools, etc) have you overriden? What methods within those classes?

Another possibility is that there is an unseen unselectable and/or unmovable object at that region that is getting the mouse events. Might it be a view object rather than a document object?

Iterate over all of the layers of your GoView to see how many objects there really are.