Unbound Node Clarifications

Hi Walter,

I have few unbound nodes added to PartsModel and also some nodes with ShapeData in the GraphLinksModel. How do I distinguish the nodes belonging to PartsModel(Unbound Nodes) and the one’s from GraphLinksModel(Bound Nodes) ?

If they are unbound, that means that Node.Data will be null.

You could also check for the Node being in the Diagram.PartsModel.

Hi Walter,

I have some more questions on unbound nodes.

  1. My diagram has bound nodes and also unbound nodes. When I do Ctrl +A and copy it should copy all the nodes and paste it along with bound nodes. Is it possible ? if Yes, some pointer for achieving the same.

  2. Also I am just creating a Node object and assigning some location to it and adding it to PartsModel. But the node always seems to appear on left top corner. Not sure why…

  3. I am adding the node object to Parts model in the C# code and its added just fine but on the diagram it reflects only after I do some zoom in/out.

I would use modeled data rather than trying to use the PartsModel.