Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'centerX' of null


I am getting this error:

go-debug.js?ce1b:7 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘centerX’ of null
at GenogramLayout.Rs.commitLinks (go-debug.js?ce1b:7)
at GenogramLayout.Rs.commitLayout (go-debug.js?ce1b:7)
at GenogramLayout.Oi.updateParts (go-debug.js?ce1b:7)
at GenogramLayout.Rs.doLayout (go-debug.js?ce1b:7)
at Fj (go-debug.js?ce1b:7)
at Tf (go-debug.js?ce1b:7)
at R.t.pd (go-debug.js?ce1b:7)
at eval (go-debug.js?ce1b:7)

Whenever I load a specific diagram. Most diagrams are working fine. So I am assuming there is something wrong with the Node or Links data for the diagram causing the problem, but since none of the code is in my code I am having a hard time finding any issue.

I have checked that all the the links are referencing nodes that exist and obvious things like that, and haven’t found any issues.

The Diagram is a family tree diagram that I built using a modified version of the Genogram sample.

The data works fine when I run it through my Ancestor Chart which is basically a modified version of the Simple Family Tree Sample.

Any advice on where to look would be helpful.



Perhaps I should take a look at that particular model. If you feel uncomfortable posting it here, you can email it to us at GoJS at our domain, nwoods.com.