Undesired GoText functionality

We are using GoNodes with their corresponding GoLabels (GoText type) and we are having a little problem. When the user tries to specify the name of the node and the text of the label as “0896” GoDiagram immediately eliminates the “0” so that the name is “896.” However, for our needs, the “0” must still be included in the name/label. Do you have any ideas of how we resolve this issue?

Sounds like you have set GoText.EditorStyle to GoTextEditorStyle.NumericUpDown instead of TextBox.

There are other situations where the label/name will be made up entirely of letters. Will your suggestion also work for that situation?

GoTextEditorStyle.TextBox means that it uses a vanilla System.Windows.Forms.TextBox; it doesn’t care about the edited string.
NumericUpDown uses the WinForms Control by the same name. Of course it only allows strings that match the numeric format it requires.