Undesired movement of GoJS canvas


I have a palette and canvas being rendered in an angular application. the entire GoJS canvas is being rendered in a flex layout as the content of a bootstrap tab.

When i perform any action on my canvas(For eg: dragging a node onto the canvas, clicking on the canvas grid, moving a node within the canvas bounds etc), It is causing the entire GoJS canvas to move upwards on the layout by about 20px.

The styles that we have given for the diagram div is being removed/overridden for some reason.

We are unable to figure out the root cause of this. Is GoJS altering some styles internally on the diagram?

Any help would be appreciated.

GoJS is certainly modifying the contents of the Div element that you have provided as the host for the Diagram (or Palette). Furthermore, you must not modify the contents – not programmatically and not via CSS either. Are you sure that you are not applying any rules on the elements that are inside the Div? Check in the debugger.