Undo delete of view/document

In our multiple tabbed views application, deleting a node from a graph may result in the deletion of another view and document associated with that node. Currently if the user Undo’es the node deletion, we recreate the associated view/doc but do not restore any content it may have had.
Assuming we raise a custom changed event for the view/doc deletion, it seems as if, on Undo, we should be able to resurrect the deleted document’s undo stack, in order to have GoDiagram restore the content of the deleted view/doc contents. Is this the case?

Yes, I think so. But I think it would make more sense to use undo managers in a different way: use a single GoUndoManager for all related documents.
You could just have a single GoUndoManager on your “root” document, and the initialization of each new “child” document could just set the UndoManager to be the same as the root’s UndoManager.