UnDo problem

Hi Walter,
In the ProtoApp sample.
When I undoed renaming a node, the GraphView.OnPropertyChanged method was called. But in my program. It wasn’t called.
Tell me why. Help me resolve the problem

It seems odd that a GoView property would be changed just from undoing or redoing a change to a GoText object and a change to a GoSimpleNode object. There must be something that the ProtoApp application is doing specially.
What is the GoView property that was changed in the case that you are interested in?

The purpose of overriding the OnPropertyChanged method is Updating Form Info. I want change the title of View after undoing too. Here is the code

/// If the view’s document is replaced, update the title;
/// if the view’s scale changes, update the status bar

protected override void OnPropertyChanged(PropertyChangedEventArgs evt) {
if (evt.PropertyName == “Document”)
else if (evt.PropertyName == “DocScale”)

Yes, but how is it that a view property is changed as a result of a GoObject change, in your application? And why isn’t the same mechanism invoked via the undo/redo action’s call to GoObject.ChangeValue? (I suppose your particular GoObject change actually corresponds to the GoText.ChangedText subhint/case.)