Undo/redo functionalities not working in GoJS 1.7.1?

undo/redo was working fine in GoJS 1.6.7 but when I upgraded to 1.7.1, this error was shown in the console.

undo error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'key' of null


More information, please.

I created a node and when I pressed CTR;+Z the content in the node was removed but the node stands there and the message I provided above appears in the console. I’m not overriding dokeydown listener here.

Have you overridden any properties or methods at all?

How did you create the node?

I’ve overridden some methods such as copyselection/pasteselection.

It was all working perfect in 1.6.7 but not in 1.7.1.

I have not set any special property in Node creation code. It’s all from the orgChart sample.
Should I provide node creation code?

Do you use any undocumented properties or methods?

Yes the code for the overrides and node creation might be useful.