undoManager disables transitions?

as I explained in another topic, I’m using dynamic layout switching and everything works fine (thanks Walter!).
I noticed that transitions between different layouts are smoothly animated and that’s really nice. However, I tried to add "undoManager.isEnabled": true to the diagram to manage undo/redo and suddenly transitions were gone, i.e. the layout switching still works, but it is instantaneous, which is visually worse than before.

Here are my layout switching functions:

function setTreeLayout()
    myDiagram.layout = $(go.TreeLayout,
        nodeSpacing: 20,
        layerSpacing: 200,

function setDynamicLayout()
    myDiagram.layout = $(go.ForceDirectedLayout,
        defaultSpringLength: 30,
        defaultElectricalCharge: 200

And this is the simple HTML part for buttons:

<div id="layoutButtons">
    <button onclick="setTreeLayout()">Tree</button>
    <button onclick="setDynamicLayout()">Dynamic</button>

Everything else is working properly, just the transitions are disabled with undoManager. Is this a bug or an intended feature?


As a side note, I wish Northwoods Software a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

Which version of GoJS are you using? Have you tried 1.7 beta?

Version 1.6.21 downloaded from GitHub, today I will test with 1.7b and I’ll let you know!

Yes, the 1.7 beta does not have this problem, many thanks!! :)