UndoManager Internationalization?

I’m working on a WPF project that supports more than one culture. Does the UndoManager support internationalization out of the box or will I need to wrap everything in my own transaction so I can provide a localized string for every top level transaction that is exposed to the user? (I’m displaying the undo text in a standard sort of drop down that shows the user which actions are on the stack.)

In addition, how do I get at something like Node.Location when I’m using two-way data binding? Using a GraphLinksNodeModel class, it looks like there’s no way to get from a node model back to the diagram model (you can do this at the view level where all of the controls map nicely back to each other, such as the Node.Diagram property). I’m guessing I would need to override something in the standard dragging tool to provide my own localized strings?

I assume you only want to localize the transaction names that are saved in each of the UndoManager.CompoundEdits.
For all of the places in your code where you call StartTransaction and CommitTransaction, you can of course do your own I18N support.

For all of the standard transaction names performed by CommandHandler and the various Tools, I suppose you could override UndoManager.CommitCompoundEdit to modify the CompoundEdit.Name to be the localized name. Actually, you could handle all of your own transaction name translation at this point too.

I hope this helps explain some of the possibilities.

Thanks, that does help.