UndoManager.Undo() Exception

  • Hi walter

    in my project, i tried


    but, i got some error.


    ChangedModelState did not handle ModelChange.ChangedNodeCategory

    my test step


    // Make NodeTemplate A, B

    step1 :

    MyNode : GraphLinksModelNodeData

    MyNode node = UseDiagram.SelectedNode.Data as MyNode

    Debug.WriteLine(node.Category); //<== Category value … “B”

    step2 :

    // change Category value

    node.Category = “A”;

    step3 :


    exception raise!!!

    i didn’t understand this error

    please help!!!

    use version :, Silverlight 4

That’s a bug. Try the following DLL:
(I have deleted the obsolete kit reference – please use the latest.)

Thanks a lot!! It works great now!