Unknown shape.Figure: Procedure

passing ‘Procedure’ to this function gives me this error. : Unknown Shape.figure: Procedure

 function FigureButton(fig, propname = 'figure'): go.Shape {

      return $(go.Shape,
          width: 32, height: 32, scale: 0.5, fill: 'lightgray', figure: fig,
          margin: 1, background: 'transparent',
          mouseEnter: (e, shape) => { shape.fill = 'dodgerblue'; },
          mouseLeave: (e, shape) => { shape.fill = 'lightgray'; },
          click: ClickFunction(propname, fig), contextClick: ClickFunction(propname, fig)

I also noticed that in my PaletteTemplate, using Procedure renders as Rectangle.

{ key: 'PaletteProcessNode', color: 'yellow', figure: 'Procedure', label: 'Process' }

Other figures work just fine. Is there something else to do about that one ?

sorry, I found the answer here: https://gojs.net/latest/samples/shapes.html
it does not belong to the default figures anymore it seems.