Updating view in GoWeb: HandleClientRequest

Hello Walter,

I seem to have the problem you describe: Sometimes, if I change node properties (f.i text) in the GoViewDataRenderer.HandleClientRequest sub, this changes are not reflected on the View. Sometimes they are reflected well, sometimes not. Can you help me with this?

You had posted this as a reply to an unrelated topic in the JGo forum, whereas this appears to be about GoDiagram Web. So I took the liberty of moving this note to be its own topic in the appropriate forum.

Could you describe more precisely the circumstances in which it fails?

Might the selected object not be the one you are expecting it to be, or might there not be a selected object at the time of the client request?

The object I want to change is existent, I test that in de DataViewRenderer.HandleClientRequest routine.
The problem is difficult to trace, because sometime the changes are reflected correctly and other times the changes are not reflected. It seems that the problem doesn’t exist when I run the site in Debug mode.

If you refresh the view, does the change get reflected then?

If I refresh the page, the change is reflected.