Upgrade GoDiagram Web 3.0.2


We have used GoDiagram Web 3.0.2 to create diagrams and for the purpose of reporting, we create the same diagrams in Visio so that our clients can rearrange the shapes in the Visio files before printing. However, the Visio’s layout algorithm is not the same as that of the GoDiagram therefore some diagrams in Visio do not look anything close to the GoDiagram.

Is there a newer version of GoDiagram Web or a different product line that has the reporting ability which allows user to rearrange the shapes before printing? Also, the upgrading effort will be minimal.



I’ve got more questions than answers for that. how do you create the Visio file? what do you mean by “layout”? if you could just post images of both the GoWeb and Visio for the same data, that would help.

or… you can email them to the support address… “godiagram”.

Newer versions of GoDiagram have PDF generation for reporting, but I don’t think that meets your requirement of allowing rearranging.