Upgrade issues from 1.18.32 to 2.1.4

Recently, I got the license key and style for Go JS version 2.1.x. After changing the license key and the style for the new go js version, I am facing some issues with the diagram rendering and the link drawn between two nodes.

Issue 1: Diagram rendering
In the miniature version, the diagram rendered properly but not in the diagram canvas. It got stuck at some point. After some action, the diagram renders properly. Attached image please have a look.

Issue 2: Diagram Rendering Animation
Before the upgrade initially, the diagram rendered from top to bottom now it renders from bottom to top.

Issue 3: Link between two nodes
I have created two nodes and try to connect it from Node 1 to Node 2. While connecting the nodes with the link am facing some lag while drawing link. It stops at some point and then after a few seconds, it works again.

Gokul Raj S

That’s very odd. Which version were you using before? There was no version 1.18.*.

For issue 1, please try using go-debug.js and see if there are any messages in the debugger console. Also make sure you are only using properties and methods defined in the API documentation or go.d.ts file.

For issue 2, we have made changes to the default animation. Please read the change log: https://gojs.net/latest/changelog.html

For issue 3, I don’t know, but perhaps the console will have some clues if you use go-debug.js.