Upgrading GoDiagram 2.4 to 4.1

I have just upgraded GoDiagram 2.4 to 4.1.
My projects compiled fine after changing their references.
i have 1 problem though…i see that nodes in my diagram now have the border while this border was missing when i worked with 2.4.
Again, no code changes were made at all.



Why is that happening ? is there any different behavior in 4.1 ? and how can i fix it ?


Nothing comes to mind. Can you post (or email it if you prefer) the node creation code ?

Hi Jake.
Thanks for the reply.
Since I didn’t work much with the GoDiagram components, I would like to know which property controls this border appearence.
Is it on the shape or on the node itself ?


Nodes are made up of other GoObject parts, and the parts are the things that paint to the screen.

What node class is your node derived from? Is this new rectangle when the node is selected, or at any time?

I have some hierarchy. eventually inheriting from GoNode.
Regarding the rectangle, it appears at any time. when i drag it appears as well even before the “mouse up”.


Try this: Set ShowsBoundingHandle to false on any GoDrawable object.

I dont think i am using GoDrawable objects (not directly anyway).
I have a GoNode, GoShape, GoText.
Isnt that border related to the selection itself (SelectionObject) of the shape ?

GoDrawing, not GoDrawable. sorry about that. GoDrawing derives from GoShape. Yes, that is a selection highlight property.

I can see that “GoDrawing” inherits from GoShape and it also maintains the ShowsBoundingHandle property. But I have a GoShape which is not GoDrawing.

Am i missing something here ?


As i can see the samples are also showing nodes with such selection (in the samples its grey\green in different selection\focus states like shown in the attachment). I just cant find how to remove it.

Your comment about mouse-up… I’m still not clear on when you are seeing this and when you aren’t. Does this rectangle appear only when the node is selected?

Without your node class code, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to figure this out. You can send it to godiagram@

The rectangle appear all the time. not only on selected nodes.
Regarding the node code, the mail address seems cut. can you please send it again ?

I left off the domain so spam spiders wouldn’t see it. just add the domain nwoods.com.

This was handled via email, but here was the resolution.

rand28’s code was overriding Paint for the GoShape, calling base.Paint, then drawing the node. Older versions of GoDiagram had a GoShape.Paint that was essentially a no-op if you hadn’t set up the shape correctly, but after 2.5, we added a default rectangle.