Upgrading to GoDiagram 2.6.2


After a long hiatus from Go development I'm about to upgrade from to I saw in the release notes that you recommend I upgrade to 2.4.1 first, is this really necessary and how do I get 2.4.1?

No, it isn’t really necessary, but we do recommend that you read the release notes for intermediate versions as well as for the target version, so that you know about new features and changes. Practically all incompatible changes are detected by the compiler, but there are some exceptions, and for practically all of those incompatible changes there are trivial alternatives.

But since you’re about to do new development again, why not try 3.0, which is in its last beta release?

Hi Walter,

Whether I upgrade to 2.6.2 or 3.0 I need to be able to do release builds for customers of my existing application. Is 3.0 stable enough to do this with?

Yes, our beta releases have always had stable and relatively bug-free functionality. Nevertheless “officially” we do not support beta releases for deployment.

Still, I notice a surprising number of our customers have gone ahead anyway and shipped with our beta DLLs. We won’t stop you if you do, since ultimately you need to take responsibility for the correct functioning of your application. Presumably those developers were happy with the behavior of those versions of GoDiagram.


I'll probably take the big plunge and go with 3.0 then, wish me luck.

Oh, also, there’s no reason you can’t have multiple versions installed at once. So that you can choose for each project or each build of each project which version you want to use.

Whats the cost of upgrading from 2.2.1 to 3.0 (Winform basic only) ?

Contact gosales at this domain for a price quote.