Use a PNG

Hello, Me again.

I want to know if I can use PNG image but maintaining transparency.

Thank you.


Jeje, How?

I try with GoImage, but the back color is white, not transparent.

To verify, I used Paint Shop Pro and created a file with a butterfly, and shadow and some fully transparent space. Then, I used it as the image for a GoIconicNode.
GoIconicNode pngnode = new GoIconicNode();
pngnode.Initialize(null, "transparent.png", "butterfly");
pngnode.Location = new PointF(100, 500);
but it works as a GoImage too... (which is what GoIconicNode is using)
GoImage imgTransTest = new GoImage();
imgTransTest.Name = "transparent.png";
imgTransTest.Location = new PointF(200, 500);


Instead of png files can I use windows enhanced meta files? (wmf or emf?)If yes can you please show the code snippet?

Yes, meta files should work. Code looks just like the png code above.