Use a React Component as a Node

Hi guys,
I read in the documentation that there is a method to use custom canvases as Node. (or even Chart.js since they return canvases)
But I’m trying to add/insert a React Component on the diagram. Either use it as a node or at least just insert it on the diagram.
Is there any built-in method to do this ?
Any suggestion and steps to do ?

Sorry, but both for performance reasons and for rendering flexibility (to different kinds of targets) GoJS does not support HTML elements within Nodes or Links.

Thank you Walter.

I’m trying to play with Canvases as an alternative.
Is it possible to add events to a canvas ? And what is the best practice to do this ?

For instance, click on the canvas element here will select the element and will not show the console message.

function makeCanvase() {
  const canv = document.createElement("canvas");
  canv.addEventListener("click", () => console.log('Click !'));

  var ctx = canv.getContext("2d");
  ctx.font = "30px Arial";
  ctx.fillText("Canvas Widget", 20, 50);

  return canv;

No, put a click event handler on the go.Picture.