Using DragDropEffects.Link

Hello Walter.

I’m trying to set the cursor icon to that of “Link” effect while dragging, however I can’t seem to do it. The only effects that work are Move and Copy, and when using Link or Scroll, I get the “None” effect instead.

Why is that?

By default GoToolDragging only supports DragDropEffects.Copy and .Move, and GoView only supports Copy for external drags.

Are you overriding GoToolDragging.DoMouseMove to set the .LastInput.DragEventArgs.Effect property, after calling the base method? (If you don't call the base method, there are a bunch of things you ought to do, although not all might be needed for your application.)
You can also override GoToolDragging.DoDragDrop in order to control what drag-drop effects are allowed. But this is rarely done.