Using GraphObject.make with figures in extensions


I am new to goJS and I am currently working on upgrading the version from 1.7.25 to 2.0.8. Currently I am importing the Figure.ts to my angular project in which the file calls GraphObject.make is used like

bodyShape = GraphObject.make(Shape, refernceToFigureName, {
object to describe fill and stroke

I am not sure what else I need to do besides importing the Figure.ts file to make it compatible here.
Would I need to use the Shape.getFigureGenerator and pass it in the static make function?

Please advise, thanks!

I don’t understand your situation. extensionsTS/Figures.ts does not call GraphObject.make. So your code that calls make must be in your app when you are defining a piece of a template. Is that correct?

So what is refernceToFigureName ? Shouldn’t that just be a string such as “Cloud”?

Hi Walter,

So for the bodyShape = GraphObject.make(Shape, refernceToFigureName , {
object to describe fill and stroke
the referenceToFigureName is now Parallelogram1, which is not supported in the goJS core now and have to reference the Figure.ts in the extension, but I am getting error still even after I do import ‘gojs/extensionsTS/Figures’;

So I am wondering if there is anything else that I need to bridge the gap.

What is your code?

function makeCanvasNodeBodyPanel(nodeStyle: NodeStyle, forPalette: boolean): GraphObject {
  const bodyShape = GraphObject.make(Shape, nodeStyle.shape, {
    fill: nodeStyle.color,
    stroke: CanvasDrawingService.colors.nodeBorder
  } as Shape);

  if (!forPalette) {
    bodyShape.bind(new Binding('stroke', 'isSelected', nodeBorderStroke).ofObject());
    bodyShape.bind(new Binding('strokeWidth', 'isSelected', nodeBorderStrokeWidth).ofObject());

This is the part that uses the bodyShape whereas nodeStyle.shape is just the string that indicates the figure name like Parallelogram1.

Your code doesn’t return bodyShape. But it otherwise looks OK.

If you evaluate Shape.getFigureGenerators().count, what number do you get?

Have you tried setting a breakpoint in Figures.js to make sure it defines correctly the figures that you use, such as “Parallelogram1”?

Hi walter,

It turns out that it might be some local environment messed up. It is working now.

Thank you so much for your help!!