Using kendo ui in gojs

I am trying to implement tree mapper, but I have the tree structure developed with kendo UI. Can I make use of that and implement it in gojs? Basically, can I use kendo UI library with gojs?

I’m not familiar with Kendo UI, but I don’t see why not. GoJS has no dependencies at all, so that won’t be a source of any problems.

Could you please show a simple example of your tree data structures?


The tree structure and search feature is built using kendo ui

Do you want to see the code too?

The point of visual components is that each should only take some relatively simple data, and perhaps modify that data if it is an editor. So, in GoJS, it is easy to replace the appearance and behavior of each entity. Please read if you haven’t already.

So I was asking for the JavaScript objects that that Kendo UI tree is displaying. You’ll want to convert those objects into those used by the sample, as you can see in the <textarea> at the bottom of the page.

The whole model expects an Array of Objects, one for each node – this wlil be the GraphLinksModel.nodeDataArray. You’ll need to provide some kind of identifier for each one (by default that property is named “key”, but you could use whatever property name you are using already). And you’ll need to identify which group – that is, which tree – the node belongs to. Every link relationship needs to be denoted by an object in the GraphLinksModel.linkDataArray, relating a parent node key with a child node key.