Using SVG images in nodes

We are evaluating the performance of the new iteration of GoDiagrams compared to the old and in the process we are also checking how it performs with SVG vs bitmap images on nodes. We can’t however get SVG to load.

From what we can read under “Learn” we are supposed to be able to use SVG images to style nodes. One of the bullets say: " * Picture, to display images, including SVG files"

However when we try to use an SVG it’s just left empty/blank and no error.

Having dealt with Skia myself in the past I recall having to use SkiaSharp.Extended.Svg to use SVG but I can’t see that you use it.

Can you clarify the if this is a missing feature or if there is a specific way to load an SVG image (from disk in this case)

We weren’t originally intending to include SVG support in WinForms, it was just a documentation oversight. But after looking into it, the SkiaSharp.Svg package isn’t too large and allows us to support SVG via embedded images, local files, and web images.

This is already done, and we’ll have it in the next beta release, which should be later this week.

We just released beta5, which includes support for SVG. SVG images can be used within Pictures now, but will not scale seamlessly since there is no native SVG rendering. This means you’ll want the SVG images to have a size at or above their size in the diagram.

Note that the NuGet package name is now Northwoods.GoDiagram.WinForms.