Using the DoLinkAdded method

Hi Walter,
I have a question about the DoLinkAdded method.
In my program, if I use the DoLinkAdded command, the points of the Route property are no longer modifiable. In fact, if I delete them all, or redefine them, they are recalculated somewhere.
On the other hand, if I don’t use the DoLinkAdded method, the points used are those I’ve defined for the Route property.

Do I have to use the DoLinkAdded function?
What are the consequences of not using it?
Why can I no longer manually modify the points of the Route property once the DoLinkAdded method has been called?

The link points are pre-calculated by us with regard to virtualization.

Best regards


For normal use there should be no need to call DoLinkAdded – it will be called automatically for you as you add link data objects to the GraphLinksModel.LinksSource. But if your links source collection doesn’t implement INotifyCollectionChanged, you will need to call DoLinkAdded instead.

But I’m not sure what kind of virtualization you are implementing and how that might affect things.

Hi Walter,

My question is: what are the consequences if I never use/call the DoLinkAdded function?

If your LinksSource implements INotifyCollectionChanged, you don’t need to call DoLinkAdded, since the model handles it.

And if the source doesn’t implement it.

Then you do need to call it. As documented: GoXam for WPF v3