V2.2.8 Cannot read undefined (reading ‘position’)

I just update new version v2.2.8 got this error, still don’t get where is the problem. v2.2.7 works just fine.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘position’)
at Pm.arrange (go-debug.js:1171:266)
at W.t.Gh (go-debug.js:1229:468)
at W.O.arrange (go-debug.js:968:98)
at Mm.arrange (go-debug.js:1151:1)
at W.t.Gh (go-debug.js:1229:468)
at W.O.arrange (go-debug.js:968:98)
at Km.arrange (go-debug.js:1144:151)
at V.t.Gh (go-debug.js:1229:468)
at V.U.arrange (go-debug.js:1457:128)
at V.U.Xa (go-debug.js:1455:452)

I think it related to Table Panel, still looking for the ‘position’

I found this example same error.

Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll investigate.

Thank you. for confirm.

We have just released 2.2.9, which should fix this regression. Sorry about that.