Validated browsers

Can anyone confirm in a single, concise list what the earliest version of browsers I can comfortably confirm to a client that Go.JS will function on.

In particular,

IE - Chrome - FireFox - Safari - Opera and if it (canvas) will function on any android devices?


There is no such “single, concise list”, because the number of combinations of versions of hardware and versions of operating system and types of browsers and versions of browsers is huge.

Internet Explorer 9 is probably the only minimum version that matters. The user can get it to work with earlier versions of IE (IE 6, IE 7, and IE 8) if they install Google Chrome Frame.

It operates in versions of all five browsers that we have tried on Android devices, both smartphones and tablets. And it works on the iPad and the iPhone too.

Thanks very much for the information Walter. I’ll pass this on - good to know on the Google Chrome Frame also.